List Of Old Time Radio Shows
4 Corners & 7 Seas
7 Front Row
10-2-4 Ranch
13th Juror
20th Century Fox Movie Premieres
33 Half Moon Street
A Life of Bliss
Abbott & Costello
Abbott Costello Children's Show
Abbotts, The
ABC Mystery Time
ABC News
Abe Burrows
Abie's Irish Rose
Abroad with the Lockharts
Academy Award Theater
Academy Awards Ceremonies
Ace and Jane
Ace Williams
Across the Board
Address Unknown
Adopted Daughter
Adventure Ahead
Adventure Parade
Adventurer's Club
Adventures in Research
Afloat with Henry Morgan
AFRS Presents
AFRS Radio Playhouse
AFRS Sports
Against The Storm
Agatha Christie
Air Adventures of Jimmie Allen
Air Castle
Air Force Hour
Al Jolson
Al Pearce
Al Read
Aladdin Lamp
Alan Freed's Rock 'n'n Roll Dance Party
Alan Partridge
Alan Prescott
Alan Young
Aldrich Family
Alien World
Aliens in the Mind
Alka Seltzer Show
All Star Western Theater
All the World's a Globe
Amazing Mr Malone, The
America Calling
America Dances
America Family Saga
America's Famous Fathers
American Adventure
American Album of Familar Music
American Challenge
American Family Robinson
American Gallery
American Heritage
American History Thru Eyes of Radio
American Legion Baseball
American Looks Abroad
American Melody
American Novels
American Portraits
American Review
American Theater
American Town Mtg
American Trail
American Weekly, The
Americans at Work
Amos 'n Andy Music Hall
Amos 'n' Andy
Ampol Show
An Amercian in England
Anderson Family
Andre Kostelanetz
Andrew Sisters
Anne of the Airlanes
Answer Man
Any Bonds Today
Appt With Fear
Arch Oboler Plays
Are These Our Children
Armchair Adv
Armed Forces Radio Theater
Armstrong Theater of Today
Army Hour
Around the World in 80 Days
Art Gilmore
Arthur Godfrey
Arthur Smith
At Ease
Atlantic Spotlight
Atomic Age
Aunt Jemima
Aunt Mary
Author Meets the Critics
Author, Author
Author's Playhouse
Ave Maria Hour
Babe Ruth
Baby Snooks
Bachelor's Children
Backstage Wife
Bailes Brothers, The
Ballad Hunter
Barbara Welles
Barrel of Fun
Barry Craig
Barry Gray
Barry Wood
Baseball Broadcasts
Baseball Sound Clips
Basil Rathbone, Word Detective
Battle Stations
BBC Misc
BBC Science Fiction
BBC Science Fiction 68
Beat the Band
Becker House Detective
Behind Mike
Behind the Scenes
Behind the Scenes in Hollywood
Believe It Or Kill Me
Bell Telephone
Bell Telephone Hour, Encores
Ben Bernie
Best of All
Best Plays
Best Sellers
Better Half
Better Living Radio Theatre
Betty & Bob
Between Bookends
Bewley's Chuckwagon Gang
Beyond Midnight
Beyond Our Ken
Beyond Tomorrow
Big Band Remotes Featuring Anson Weeks
Big Band Remotes Featuring Artie Shaw
Big Band Remotes Featuring BA Rolfe
Big Band Remotes Featuring Benny Goodman
Big Band Remotes Featuring Bunny Berigan
Big Band Remotes Featuring Duke Ellington
Big Band Remotes Featuring Gene Krupa
Big Band Remotes Featuring Guy Lombardo
Big Band Remotes Featuring Hal Kemp
Big Band Remotes Featuring Harry James
Big Band Remotes Featuring Jack Teagarden
Big Band Remotes Featuring Jan Gerber
Big Band Remotes Featuring Kay Kayser
Big Band Remotes Featuring Misc Bands
Big Band Remotes Featuring Ozzie Nelson
Big Band Remotes Featuring Tommy Dorsey
Big Band Remotes Featuring Woody Herman
Big Business Lark
Big Guy
Big Jon
Big Moments
Big Show
Big Sister
Big Story
Big Town
Biggest Heart
Bill Kemp
Bill Ring
Bill Stern Sports Newsreel
Billie Brownie
Billy Burke
Bing Crosby
Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney
Binnie Mike
Biography in Sound
Birdseye Open House
Black and Blue
Black Book
Black Chapel
Black Flame
Black Jack Justice
Black Mass
Black Museum
Blair of the Mounties
Blind Buddy Burt
Blind Spot
Blue Beetle
Blue Coal
Blue Ribbon
Bob and Ray
Bob Burns
Bob Feller
Bob Hope
Bob Wills
Bobby Benson
Bobby Hammack
Bold Venture
Border Patrol
Boris Karloff
Boston Blackie
Box 13
Box Score
Break the Bank
Breakfast at Sardi's
Breakfast Blue Ridge
Breakfast Dorothy & Dick
Breakfast in Hollywood
Bride & Groom
Bright Star
Brighter Day
Bring 'Em Back Alive
Broadway in Review
Broadway is My Beat
Brownstone Theater
Brunswick Brevities
Buck Rogers
Bulldog Drummond
Burkiss Way
Burl Ives
Burns and Allen
Buster Brown Gang
Cabin B13
California Melodies
Call Back the Past
Call for Music
Call Police
Calling All Cars
Calling All Detectives
Caltex Theater
Calumet Show
Calvin and the Colonel
Campbell Playhouse
Can You Imagine That
Can You Top This
Canadian Snapshots
Cancer Crusade
Candid Microphone
Candy Matson
Canticle for Leibowitz
Cape Cod Mystery Theater
Capt Jack
Capt Starr
Capt Stubby
Captain Midnight
Captains of Industry
Career of Alice Blair
Carling Country
Carnation Contented Hour
Carol Gibbons
Carolyn Day Detective
Carter Brown
Carter Sisters
Case Dismissed
Casebook  of Gregory Hood
Cases of Mr Ace
Casey Crime Photographer
Cass Daley
Castle Playhouse
Cavalcade of America
Cavalcade of Kings
CBS Euro News
CBS News of World AM
CBS Radio Mystery Theater
CBS Radio Mystery Theater Rebroadcasts
CBS Radio Workshop
CBS Today in Euro
CBS World News
CBS. The World Tonight
Cecil and Sally
Ceiling Unlimited
Challenge of Space
Challenge of the Yukon, The
Chamber Music Society of Lower Basin Street
Champion, Adv of
Chandu the Magician
Charle Chan
Charlie Lung
Charlie's Orchestra
Charlotte Greenwood
Chase & Sanborn Hour [Bergen & McCarthy]
Chase And Sanborn Program
Chase The
Checkerboard Fun Test
Checkerboard Time
Chesterfield Supper Club
Chesterfield Time
Chet Cheeter's Tales from the Morgue
Chevrolet Program
Chicago Theater of the Air
Chick Carter Boy Detective
Choose A Song Partner
Christmas on the Moon
Christmas Seals
Christopher London
Chuck Wagon Jamboree
Cinnamon Bears
Cisco Kid
City Hosp
Clara Lu 'n Em
Classic Chilling Tales
Cliff Edwards
Clitheroe Kid, The
Cloak and Dagger
Clock, The
Cloud Nine
Club 9
Club 15
Club 930
Club Car Special
Clyde Beatty
Coast to Coast
Coca Cola Top-Notchers
Coconut Grove Ambassadors
Coke Time
College Quiz Bowl
Colonel Jack
Columbia Presents Shakespeare
Columbia Workshop
Comedy Caravan
Comic Weekly Man
Command Performance
Compact Classics
Compendium Cliche' Productions
Congo Curt
Consider Your Verdict
Constitutional Govt
Contact News Detroit
Continental Celebrity Club
Continental Trio
Continental Varieties
Corsican Brothers, The
Count of Monte Cristo
Counter Spy
Country Hoedown
Country Music Time
Country Parson
Country Style
Couple Next Door, The
Cousin Willie
Cowboy Church
Cowboy Hit Parade
Cowboy Slim
Creaking Door
Creeps By Night
Cresta Blanca Carnival
Cresta Blanca Hollywood Players
Crime and Peter Chambers
Crime Classics
Crime Club
Crime Doctor
Crime Does Not Pay
Crime Files of Flamond
Crime Letter from Dan Dodge
Crime on the Waterfront
Crisco Newspaper
Cruise of the Poll Parrot
Curtain of Time
Curtain Time
Dad and Dave
Dad's Army
Dairy Smooth Orchestra
Damon Runyon Theater
Dan Dare
Dan Dunn
Danger Dr Danfield
Danger with Granger
Dangerous Assignment
Dangerously Yours
Danny Kaye
Danny Marsdon
Danny O'Neil
Daredevils of Hollywood
Dark Fantasy
Dark Island
Dark Venture
Date with Chris
Date with Duke
Date with Judy, A
Dave Garroway
David Harum
David Rose
Deadline Mystery
Dear Adolf
Death Calling
Death Valley
December Bride
Decoder Ring Theater
Defense Attorney
Delmore Brothers
Democracy in Action
Dennis Day
Destination Freedom
Devil and Mrs O
Diamond Dramas
Diary of Fate
Dick and Jeanie
Dick Aurandt
Dick Barton Special Agent
Dick Cole
Dick Haymes
Dick Tracy
Did Justice Triumph
Dimension X
Dinner Bell Roundup
Direct from Hollywood
Dixieland Matinee
Dizzy Dean
Doc Savage
Doctor's Wife
Doctors Wife, The
Don Drysdale
Don Gray
Don McNeill's Breakfast Club
Don Winslow of the Navy
Doorway to Life
Doris Day
Dorothy Kilgallen
Double Feature
Double or Nothing
Double Play
Douglas of the World
Down Our Street
Down Our Way
Dr Christian
Dr Fights, The
Dr in the House
Dr IQ Jr
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Dr Kildare
Dr Morelle
Dr Paul
Dr Pepper
Dr Pepper Parade
Dr Six Gun
Dr Tim
Dr Who
Drama International
Dramas of the Courts
Dreadful John
Dream Time
Dreier's Analysis
Drop Dead
Duffy's Tavern
Dunniger The Mentalist
Dwight Eisenhower
Earl Ross' Fairy Tales
Earth Search 1
Earth Search 2
Easy Aces
Easy Money
Eb Zeb
Eddie Bracken
Eddie Cantor
Eddie Condon's Jazz Concert
Eddy Arnold
Eddy Duchin
Edgar Alan Poe
Edgar Bergen & Charle McCarthy
Educating Archie
Edward R Murrow
Edward's Old Music
Eleanor Roosevelt
Eleventh Hour, The
Elgin Seasonal Specials
Ellery Queen
Ellery Queen's Minute Mysteries
Elmer Davis
Emily Kimbrough
Empire Builders
Enchanted Hour, The
Encore Theater
Epic Casebook
Erskine Johnson
Esquire Jazz Concerts
Eternal Light
Ethel and Albert
Europe Confidential
Everyman's Theater
Everything for the Boys
Excursions in Science
Exploring the Unknown
Exploring Tomorrow
Eyes Aloft
Eyes on the Ball
Fabulous Dr Tweedy
Faces of Love
Fairy Tales Source Unknown
Falcon, The
Family Doctor
Family Hour
Family Hour of Stars
Family Theater
Famous Artist of the Air
Famous Escapes
Famous Fathers
Famous Jury Trials
Famous Radio Players
Famous Trials
Fantastic Four
Fat Man
Fat Man (Australia)
Father Brown
Father Coughlin
Father Knows Best
Faultless Starch Time
Favorite Story
FBI in Peace and War
FDR's Death
Federal Agent
Fibber Lost Episodes
Fibber McGee and Molly
Fifth Horseman, The
Finger Lakes Salute
Fire Chief Concert
First Nighter
Five After the Hour
Five Minute Mysteries
Flannery O'Connor
Flash Gordon
Forbidden Cargo
Ford Show
Ford Theater
Ford V-8 Revue
Forever Tops
Fort Laramie
Four for the Fifth
Four Star Playhouse
Fourth Tower of Inverness, The
Foy Willing And Riders of the Purple Sage
Francis Langford
Frank and Archie Watanabe
Frank Black's Cadillac Show
Frank Farrell
Frank Merriwell, The Adv of
Frank Parker Show
Frank Race
Frank Sinatra
Frankenstein First Generation
Fred Allen
Fred Waring
Freddy Nagel
Free Company
Freedom USA
Freedom's People
Friar's Club
Friendly Five Footnotes
Friends and Neighbors
From Ragtime to Rock
From the Bookshelf
Front and Center
Front Line Theater
Front Page Drama
Front Page Farrell
Frontier Fighters
Frontier Gentleman
Frontier Town
Fu Manchu
Fulton Lewis
Fun with the Revenuers
Funny Side Up
Future Tense
Gabriel Heatter
Gallant American Women
Gasoline Alley
GE Program
GE Theatre
Gene Autry
General Mills
General Motors Hour
General Motors on Safari
Geo Bruce's Air Stories
George Jessel
Georgia Crackers
Ghost Corps
GI Jills All-Time Jukebox
GI Jive
GI Journal
Gideon Fell
Ginny Simms
Gisele MacKenzie
Gisele of Canada
Glamour Manor
Gleason and Armstrong
Glenn Miller I Sustain the Wings
Glenn Miller Moonlight Serenade
Glenn Miller Remotes
Glenn Miller Sunset Serenade
Glenn Miller Time
Glenn Miller Uncle Sam Presents
Glenn Miller's Music
Globe Theater
Glums, The
Goldbergs, The
Golden Era of Radio Interviews
Good News
Goons, The
Gracie Fields Show
Granby's Green Acre
Grand Central Station
Grand Marquee
Grand Ole Opry
Grantland Rice Story, The
Great American Indian Stories
Great Gildersleeve, The
Great Moments in Sports
Great Scenes From Great Plays
Greatest of These, The
Greatest Sports Thrills
Greatest Story Ever Told
Green Hornet
Green Lama
Green Valley
Grey Goose
Groucho Marx
Guest Star
Guests of Doom
Guiding Light
Guilty Party
Gulf Spray Show, The
Gus Gray
H.V. Kaltenborn
Hall of Fantasy
Hall of Horrors
Hallmark Hall of Fame
Hallmark Playhouse
Halloween Shows
Halls of Ivy
Hancock's Half Hour
Hank Williams
Hanoi Hannah
Happiness Boys
Happy Gang, The
Happy Hank
Hardy Family, The
Harlem Hospitality Club
Harmony Rangers
Harold Peary Show
Harry Lime
Harry Richman
Harvest Stars
Hashknife Hartley
Haunting Hour
Haunting Tales
Have Gun Will Travel
Hawaii Calls
Hawaiian Tales
Hawk Larabee
Hayward Sanitarium
Hear It Now
Heartbeat Broadway
Heartbeat Theater
Heartbeats in Sports
Hearthstone of the Death Squad
Hearts in Harmony
Hedda Hopper
Helen Trent, the Romance of
Hello Americans
Hello Sucker
Henry Morgan
Hercule Poirot
Here's to Romance
Here's to Veterans
Heritage Land
Hermit's Cave
Heros of Civilization
Heros of the Merchant Marine
Hidden History
Hidden Truth
High Adventure
Hildegarde's Radio Room
Hilltop House
Historical Sound Bites
History of Radio Comedy on the BBC
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Hoagy Carmichael
Hobbit, The
Hobby Lobby
Holiday Specials
Holland Calling
Hollywood Barn Dance
Hollywood Byline
Hollywood Calling
Hollywood Hotel
Hollywood Is On The Air
Hollywood Movie Previews
Hollywood Mystery
Hollywood Open House
Hollywood Players
Hollywood Preview
Hollywood Radio
Hollywood Roundup
Hollywood Sound Stage
Hollywood Spotlight
Hollywood Star Playhouse
Hollywood Star Theater
Hollywood Startime
Hollywood Theater Group
Hollywood Theater of Stars
Hollywood Tour
Hometown Jamboree
Honor the Law
Hoosier Hot Shots
Hop Harrigan
Hopalong Cassidy
Horatio Hornblower
Horizons West
Host Planet Earth
Hour of Charm
Hour of Mystery
Hour of St Francis
House of Mystery
House of Unspeakable Secrets
Houseboat Hannah
Howdy Doody
Howie Wing
Human Adventure, The
Hymns from Home
I Deal in Crime
I Fly Anything
I Hate Crime
I Love A Mystery
I Love Adventure
I Sustain Wings
I Want to Come Back
I Was a Communist for the FBI
I Was There
Idiot's Weekly
Imperial Leader
In Review
In the Name of the Law
In, Person Dinah Shore
Incredible But True
Indiana School of the Sky
Information Please
Inner Sanctum Mysteries
Inside Track
Inspector Thorne
Inspector West
International Incident
Invisible Man, The
Island Venture
It Pays to Be Ignorant
It Pays to Be Married
It's a Crime Mr Collins
It's Higgins Sir
It's Maritime
It's That Man Again
Jack Armstrong
Jack Benny
Jack Carson
Jack Haley's Wonder Show
Jack Kirkwood
Jack Paar
Jack Pearl
Jack Smith
Jack Webb
Jackie Gleason
Jackie Robinson's Radio Shots
Jazz Band Ball
Jean Sablon
Jean Shepherd
Jeff Regan Investigator
Jerry Circus
Jerry Fair Oaks
Jet Jungle
Jill Corey
Jill's All Time Jukebox
Jim Ameche
Jimmy Carroll
Jimmy Durante
Joan Davis
Joe DiMaggio
Joe Garagiola
Joe Palooka
Joe Penner
John Dunning
John Steele Adventurer
Johnny Cash Show
Johnny Lee Wills
Johnny Madiero
Johnny Mercer's Music Shop
Johnson Family
Johnson Wax Program
Journey Into Space
Joyce Jordan MD
Judy Canova
Jumbo Fire Chief Show
Jump Jump
Jungle Jim
Junior G-Men, True Adv
Jury Trials
Just For You
Just Plain Bill
Kate Smith
Kay Fairchild Stepmother
Keep Em Rolling
KEX Scrapbook of Sounds
Key, The
KGW Radio
King Cole Trio
King of the Royal Mounted
Kitty Keane Inc
Kollege of Musical Knowledge
Komedie Kapers
Komedy Kingdom
Kracken Wakes
La Rosa Theater of Stars
Lady Esther Presents
Lady in Blue
Land of the Lost
Land's Best Bands
Last Nighter
Laurel and Hardy
Law - Misc Programs
Lear Radio Show
Leather Stocking Tales
Leatherneck Legends
Leave It to the Girls
Leo and the Blonde
Leo Diamond Harmonaires
Leo Is On The Air
Leonidas Witherall, Adv of
Les Miserables
Les Paul and Mary Ford
Lest We Forget
Let George Do It
Let's Go Nightclubbing
Let's Go to Town
Let's Pretend
Life in Your Hands, A
Life of Bliss
Life of Mary Southern
Life of Riley, The
Life With Dexter
Life With Luigi
Life With the Lyons
Light Crust Doughboys
Light of My Life
Lightning Jim
Lights Out
Lina Romay
Lincoln Hwy
Lindas First Love
Line-up, The
Listener's Playhouse
Little Old Hollywood
Little Orley Radio Shows
Little Orphan Annie
Little Things in Life
Lives of Great Men
Lives of the Great
Log Cabin Jamboree
Lone Ranger
Lonesome Gal
Lora Lawton
Lord Haw Haw
Lord Peter Wmsley
Lord Weejie
Lorenzo Jones
Lorna Doone
Lou Holtz Laugh Club
Louella Parsons
Louise Massey and the Westerners
Louvin Brothers
Love on The Line
Love Story Magazine
Luke Slaughter
Lum and Abner
Lux Radio Theater
Lux Radio Theater - South Africa
Ma Perkins
Magic Carpet
Magic Island
Magic Key, The
Magnificant Montague, The
Mail Call
Maisie, The Adv of
Majestic Mastery of Mystery
Major Bowes Amateur Hour
Major Gregory Keen
Mama Bloom
Man Behind the Gun
Man Called X, The
Man From Homicide, The
Man Hunt
Man In The Iron Mask
Man Named Jordan
Mandrake the Magician
Manhattan Merry-G0-Round
March of Dimes
March of Time
Marco Polo, Adv of
Marine Story
Mario Lanza
Mark Trail
Marriage Lines
Martha Meade Society Program
Martha White
Martin & Lewis
Martin Lamm
Mary Foster Editors Daughter
Mary Lee Taylor
Mary Noble Backstage Wife
Masters of Melody
Matinee Theater
Matter of Luck
Matthew Slade Private Investigator
Mayor of the Town
McGarry and His Mouse
Medical File
Meet Corliss Archer
Meet Millie
Meet Miss Sherlock
Meet Mr. McNutley
Meet the Meeks
Meet the Menjous
Meet the Press
Mel Blanc
Melody Hour
Melody Round-Up
Memories of Hawaii
Men at Sea
Men from the Ministry
Men Who Made America
Mercury Theater
Meredith Wilson
Merry Go Round
Metropolitan Opera Auditions
Metropolitian Opera
MGM Movie Premieres
MGM Theater
Michael Shayne Private Detective
Michael Strogoff & Courier of The Czar
Mickey Mouse
Milton Berle
Mind Your Manners
Mirror of Life
Miss Sherlock
Mitch Miller
Molle Mystery Theater
Molly & The Captain
Molly and the Captain
Monticello Party Line
Moon Mullins
Moon Over Africa
Moon Over Morocco
Moon River
Mormon Tabernacle Choir
Morse, Adventures By
Movie Parade
Movie Premieres - Misc
Movietown Radio Theater
Moving Stories of Life
Mr and Mrs Blandings
Mr and Mrs North
Mr Chameleon
Mr I A Moto
Mr President
mr. Keen Tracer of Lost Persons
Mrs 'Obbs
Much Binding in the Marsh
Murder at 12
Murder by Experts
Murder Clinic
Music America Loves Best
Music and the Muse
Music Depreciation
Music on Deck
Music You Like
Musical Moments
Mutual Radio Theater
My Favorite Husband
My Friend Irma
My Little Margie
My Name is Adam Kain
Myrt and Marge
Mysteries in the Air
Mysterious Circumstances
Mysterious Traveler
Mystery Award Theater
Mystery House
Mystery in the Air
Mystery Is My Hobby
Mystery Playhouse
Mystery Theater
Mystery Theater CBC
Napolean's Retreat
Narnia, Tales of
Nat King Cole
National Barn Dance, The
National Lampoon
Naval Air Reserve Show
Navy Lark, The
Nazi Eyes
NBC Monitor
NBC News of the Hour
NBC News of the World
NBC Radio Theater
NBC Short Story
NBC Star Playhouse
NBC University Theater
NBC's First 50
NBS Presents Eugene O'Neill
Nebbs, The
Nehi Program
Nelson Eddy
Nero Wolfe
New Life Movement
New National Guard Show
New Theater, The
New World A' Coming
Nick Carter Master Detective
Nick Harris
Night Cap Yarns
Night Editor
Night Surgeon
Nightcap Yarns
Nona From Nowhere
Nonsense and Melody
Noonday Jamboree
Nora Drake, This is
Norman Corwin
Now Here This
O'Henry Plays
Official Detective
OFRH Broadcasts
Old Corral, The
Old Fashioned Revival Hour
Old Gold Comedy Theater
Old Sunday School Program
Old Tales
Old Timer's Program
Oldsmobile Program
Omar the Wizard
On Stage
Once Upon a Tune
Once Upon Our Time
One Man's Family
One Night Stand
One Out of Seven
One World Flight
Open House
Operation Nightmare
Orbit One Zero
Order in the Court
Origin of Superstition
Orsen Welles Radio Almanac
Other Side
Our Freedom's Blessings
Our Gal Sunday
Our Miss Brooks
Out of the Deep
Out of the Night
Out of the Silent Planet
Over Here
Ozzie and Harriet
Pacific Powerline
Pacific Story
Palace Personalities
Palmolive Beauty Box Theater
Paper Plates
Paramount Movie Premieres
Parsley Sidings
Passage of the Tangmar
Passing Parade
Passport to Romance
Pat Novak for Hire
Pat O'Daniel
Patch and Click
Paul Groves
Paul Temple
Paul Whiteman
Paul Winchell
PC49, Adv of
People Act, The
People Are Funny
Pepper Young's Family
Perry Mason
Personal Album
Pete Kelly's Blues
Phil Harris and Alice Faye
Phil Rizzuto
Philip Morris Foursome
Philip Morris Playhouse
Phillip Marlowe
Philo Vance
Phyl Coe
Pilgrim's Progress
Pinto Pete Arizona
Pinto Pete Ranch Boys
Planet Man, The
Plantation Jubilee
Plantation Party
Play of the Week
Player, The
Playhouse of Favorites
Plays for Americans
Point Sublime
Police Headquarters
Police Reporter
Portia Faces Life
Ports of Call
Presenting Charles Boyer
Press Club
Price of Fear, The
Private Files of Rex Saunders, The
Problems for Pamela
Proudly We Hail
Public Service
Qtr Century of Swing
Queen for a Day
Queen's Men
Quick as a Flash
Quiet Please
Quiz Kids
Quoting America
Radio Adv Theater
Radio City Playhouse
Radio Detectives
Radio Dot
Radio Guild
Radio Hall Fame
Radio Reader's Digest
Radio Theater SA
Radio's Adv Theater
RAF Bomber
Railroad Hour, The
Randolph Hearst
Ranger Bill
Rate Your Mate
Raymond Gram Swing
Raymong Gram Swing
Rays a Laugh
Read That Again
Readers Digest with Boris Karloff
Recollections at Thirty
Red Barber
Red Cross
Red Foley
Red Grange
Red Horse Ranch
Red Ryder
Red Skelton
Redbook Dramas
Refreshment Time
Reminiscing with Singin' Sam
Renfrew of the Mounted
Renfro Valley Barn Dance
Renfro Valley Country Store
Renfro Valley Gathering
Request Performance
Results Inc
RFD America
Richard Diamond Private Detective
Riding High
Right To Happiness, The
Rin Tin Tin
Rip Lawson Adventurer
Ripley's Believe It or Not
Ripley's Believe It or Not - Half Hour Shows
Riverside Rancho
RKO Movie Premieres
Road of Life
Robert Arden News Commentary
Rocky Fortune
Rocky Jordan, Adv with
Rogers of the Gazette
Rogue's Gallery
Roller Derby
Romance of the Ranchos
Ronald Reagan
Ronny Mansfield
Rosie All the Way
Rotary Golden Theater
Round the Horne
Roy Acuff
Roy Rogers
Royal Hawaiian Hotel
Rudy Vallee
Sad Sack
Sagebrush Roundup
Saint, The
Salute to Britain
Salute to the Law
Salvation Army
Sam Spade
Same Time Same Station
Sammy Kaye's Showroom
Santa, Adv of
Satellite Seven
Saturday Night Serenade
Say It with Music
Scarlet Pimpernel, The
Scarlet Queen, The Voyage of the
Scattergood Baines
Science Magazine
Screen Director's Theater
Screen Guild Theater
Screwtape Letters
Seal of the Don
Sealed Book
Sealtest Variety Theater
Sealtest Village Store
Sears Radio Theater
Second Chance
Second Holmes
Secret Agent K7
Secret Missions
Secrets of Scotland Yard
Sensational Years
Serenade in Blue
Sexton Blake
SF 68
Shadow of the Pharoah
Shell Chateau
Sherlock Holmes
Shirley Temple Time
Shorty Bell
Show Stoppers
Showtime from Hollywood
Si and Elmer
Signal Carnival
Silent Men, The
Silver Theater
Single Episodes
Six Shooter
Skelly News
Skippy Hollywood Theatre
Sky Blazers
Sky King
Skyline Roof
Sleep No More
Sleepy Joe
Slide, The
Slim Martin
Smiley Burnett
Smilin' Jack
Smiths of Hollywood
Smoot Report
Socony Sketchbook
Soldiers of the Press
Some Place to Go
Somebody Knows
Son of Porthos
Songs by Morton Downey
Sonny Buddy
Sons of the Pioneers
Sound Off
Sounds of Darkness
Sounds of War
Southland Echos
Space Patrol
Speaking of Liberty
Special Broadcasts
Speed Gibson
Spike Jones
Sports Answer Man
Sports Illustrated Interviews
Sports Misc
Sports Question Box
Spotlight Bands
Spotlight Playhouse
Springbok Theater of the Air
Spy Catcher
Squad Cars
Stairway to the Stars
Stan Freberg
Stan Kenton
Stand By For Adventure
Stand By for Crime
Standard School Broadcast
Star-Spangled Theater
Stars and Stripes Forever
Stars for Defense
Stars in Jazz
Stars in the Air
Stars on Parade
Stars Over Hollywood
Stella Dallas
Steptoe and Sons
Steve Allen Show
Stop the Music
Stories of the Railway
Stories to Remember
Story Behind the Headlines
Story Behind the Song, The
Story Lady
Story of All of Us
Story of Satan Place, The
Storyteller Baron
Straight Arrow
Strange Adventure
Strange As It Seems
Strange Dr Weird
Strange Wills
Stroke of Fate
Strollin' Tom
Studio One
Studio X
Sun Up Serenade
Sunny Valley
Supper Club
Sweeney and March
Swing and Sway Time
Tac Hammer
Tailspin Tommy
Take It From Here
Take It or Leave It
Tales from the Diamond K
Tales from the Tomb
Tales of Antiquity
Tales of Fatima
Tales of Suspense
Tales of the Foreign Service
Tales of the Frightened
Tales of the Texas Rangers
Tales of the Tomb
Tales of Tomorrow
Talk Back
Tandy McKenzie
Tarzan and the Diamond of Asher
Tarzan Lord of the Jungle
Tarzan of the Apes
Tarzan The Fires of Tohr
Taystee Breadwinners
Taystee Loafers
Tell It Again
Tell Your Neighbor
Teller of Hawaiian Tales
Tennessee Jamboree
Tennessee Jed Sloane
Tenth Man
Terry and the Pirates
Tex and Jinx
Texaco Star Theater
Texaco Star Theatre Summer Show
Texas Slim Rinehart
Textron Theater
That Brewster Boy
That Hammer Guy
That Strong Guy
That Was the Year That Was
That's Rich
The Secret of Dominion
Theater Five
Theater of Hits
Theater Royal
Theatre 1030
Theatre Guild
Theatre of Hits
These Are Our Men
Thin Man, The
Thirty Minutes in Hollywood
This I Believe
This is Civil Defense
This Is My Best
This is My Story
This is Nora Drake
This is Paris
This Is The Story
This is War
This is Your FBI
This Is Your Life
Those Sensational Years
Those Were the Days
Three Suns
Three Suns and a Scarlet
Thrice Told Tales
Thrills of the Hwy Patrol
Tide Show, The
Time for Reason
Time Machine, The
Time to Keep, A
Tom Corbett
Tom Mix
Tom Powers Life Studies
Tonight at Nine Thirty
Tony Wons Scrapbook
Tooth Fairy
Top Secret
Tops in Sports
Touchdown Tips
Town and Country Time
Town Crier
Travels of Mary Ward
Treasury Agent
Treasury Salute, The
Treasury Star Parade
Troman Harper
True Detective
Truth or Consequences
Tune for a Day
Turn Back the Clock
Twenty Questions
Twenty-First Precinct
Two Daffodils
Two Thousand Plus
UN Radio
UN Story
Uncle Jimmy
Uncle Remus
Under Arrest
Undercover Carson
Unit 99
Unsolved Mysteries
Up For Parole
Upper Room
US Marine Band
Vale of Darkness
Valiant Lady
Vanished Without a Trace
Vass Family
Vic and Sade
Victor Borge
Victory Front
Victory Parade of Spotlight Bands
Victory Theater
Village Store
Voice in the Night, A
Voice of the Army
Voices and Events
Voices of Vista
Vox Pop
Wake-Up Ranch
Walk Softly Peter Troy
Walter Winchell's Jergen's Journal
War Chest Program
War Telescope
Warner Bros Academy Theater
Wayside Theater, The
We Came This Way
We The People
Wednesday with You
Weird Circle
Welcome Travelers
Wendall Hall
Western Auto Arrow Circle Show
Westward Ho
What Are We Fighting For
What Ever Became Of
What's My Line
When a Girl Marries
Which is Which
Whisperer, The
Whispering Streets
Whistler, The
White Coolies
White Fires of Inspiration
Whitehall 1212
Wild Bill Hickok
Wings Above Diamantina
Wings Over Jordan
Wings to Victory
Winston Churchill
Wise Crackers
Wishing Well
Witch's Tales, The
Witch's Tales, The [Australian]
WJSV Complete Day's Broadcast 1939-09-21
WLS Barn Dance
Wonder Show
WOR Reference Recording
Word Detective
Words at War
Words with Music
World Adventurer's Club
World in Music
World's Great Novels
World's Greatest Short Stories
World's Greatest Stories
Wormwood Forest
WPA Concerts
WPA Presents
WWJ Playhouse
X Minus One
Yank Bandstand
Yank Swing
Yankee Yarn Time
Yankee Yarns
Yes, What
Yiddish Radio Project Vol 1
Yiddish Radio Project Vol 2
You Are The Jury
You Are There
You Bet Your Life
You Can't Do Business With Hitler
You Were There
Young Love
Young Widder Brown
Your AAF
Your All Time Hit Parade
Your Hit Parade
Your Playhouse of Favorites
Your Radio Almanac
Your Rhythm Revue
Your Story Parade
Your Treat
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar
Zero Hour
Ziegfeld Follies of the Air
Zorro, The Adv of